Wool and Weaving.

Weaving, as the word suggests is the action of two sets of yarns interlaced to form a fabric or a cloth. Knitting, crocheting, felting and braiding are all versions of weaving. The way in which these yarns are woven or interlaced affects the finished product. Cloth is traditionally woven on a loom which allows the [...]

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The Ancient Spinning Wheel.

It is almost impossible to believe that the spinning wheel was first invented in the early 11th century. The first illustration of an actual spinning wheel dates to 1237 in Baghdad. Other illustrations suggest that the Chinese were spinning as early as 1090! By the 13th Century the spinning wheel had spread to Europe and [...]

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From Shearing to Sweaters!

Once the sheep have been shorn their fleeces have to be sorted or graded, based on overall quality of the wool fleeces. Unlike the meat, the best quality of the wool comes from the shoulders and sides of the sheep. This wool is used for clothing. In order to remove all of the dirt, sand, [...]

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Sheep Shearing

The English, Flemish and Americans may have pioneered the global wool industry but it is the Irish who hold the title for the fastest time to shear a fully grown sheep! More specifically, The Guinness World Record currently held by Ivan Scott from Castlepollard in County Westmeath. On the 4th of April 2016, Mr. Scott [...]

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