The word Carpet comes from the Old French word ‘Carpite’ which means heavily decorated cloth most likely derived from the Latin word Carpere which means to pluck! The English adapted the word to describe a ‘coarse cloth’ which they called a Carpet and soon became the common word to describe floor coverings.

You may be aware that the words carpet and rug are often used to refer to the same thing. At Connemara Carpets we generally use the word rug to refer to our smaller pieces and carpet when describing wall to wall projects.

There are 3 main types of carpets. The oldest being the woven rug or carpet. This, as explored in an earlier blog is when the carpet is produced on a loom. The loom can produce either a cut or loop pile.

The knotted pile carpet is widely used to create the highly intricate Indian rugs of Peshawar, Kashmir and Mirzapur. Carpets are hugely important to Turkish culture, so much so that the national flag of Turkmenistan features a vertical red strip near the hoist side which contains five carpet designs used in producing rugs.

Iran boasts the largest hand woven carpet in the world. Completed in 2007 it measures 5,630 square meters and was made by the Iran Carpet Company for the Abu Dhabi mosque. It was created in 9 different parts which were assembled and fitted in the mosque! #wool#carpets#rugs#luxury#interiors#interiordesign#architecture#Connemara#thewildatlanticway